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ISO 29993 Learning Services Management System

ISO 29993:2017 serves internally to ensure a globally recognized quality standards and additionally it an optimize process workflows which will increase the efficiency and productivity of entire services. It provide a support in the planning implementation and evaluation of existing and new services

ISO 29993:2017 specifies requirements for learning services outside formal education, including all types of life-long learning (e.g. vocational training and in-company training, either outsourced or in-house).

ISO 29993 is basically intended for non-formal education service providers, training institutes and learning service providers. It is not aimed at schools, colleges and universities providing learning services as part of a formal education system, but it can be useful to them as a tool for reflection and self-evaluation.

The key features of these kinds of services are that the goals of learning are defined and the services are evaluated, and that they involve interaction with the learner. The learning can be face-to-face, mediated by technology or E learning, or a blend of both. These include any learning services provided by a learning service provider (LSP) that are addressed to learners themselves, as well as to sponsors who are acquiring the services on behalf of the learners.

In cases where the learning service provider is part of an organization that delivers products (i.e. goods and services) in addition to learning services, ISO 29993:2017 only applies to learning services.

Benefits of ISO 29993 Certification to the Learning Service providers

  • The standard recognizes the importance of the learner’s informed decision on the use of learning services by establishing requirements for the information to be provided to the learners and Sponsors also.
  • Align various elements of learning services, including advertising, information provided to learners, needs analysis, design, assessment and evaluation, for the purpose of improving the effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of learning services.
  • Enhance the credibility of learning services for the organizations.
  • Provide a model for improving learning services that can be shared within an organization.
  • Provide an internationally recognized instrument that demonstrates the reliability and quality of learning services.
  • ISO 29993:2017 helps your learners to take well-informed decisions on their training or event attendance.
  • Enhance Sustainable growth
  • Enhance competitiveness and Credibility
  • Enhance the reputation of the institution worldwide
  • Stimulate excellence and innovation



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