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Active Business Solutions Management Consulting Co.

Credible Solutions for Incredible Businesses.

We give a comprehensive suite of ISO Certification, Accreditation Consultancy, Auditing Services and Corporate Training.

Management Message

Management Message

We are a management consultancy company for ISO Certifications having technical, operational, sales and business support expertise to help businesses and organizations to efficiently manage their ISO Certifications or training processes. Our primary asset is our staff, as a result, our first goal is to attract and retain the best people in the company. Our managers spend a large part of their time recruiting, selecting, training, coaching, and leading their teams.

Therefore, whether you are a small operation or a major multi-national operating globally, “ABS” is able to tailor its services and approach specifically to meet your needs. Our vast clientele network ensures that you will be in good hands, no matter where your company is located

I personally take special consideration and give high importance to each of the quotations, contracts, project reports, certification audit reports and certification decisions. So, being one of the highest decision maker of this company, I personally take care of every aspect of our services delivered to our clients, because for me all the clients are very special and I equally give priority to all of them. If you need my special attention on any subject related to our services please let me know, I am just an email away from all the support you need. Please write me at

I invite you to visit our website often to keep apprised of our progress.



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