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ABS is a management consulting company & well reputed in leading the way & setting the trends in management system designing, implementation, training & ISO Certifications operating within a network of senior specialists having a long-standing experience with sophisticated analytical capabilities to adding true value to each of our clients.

Over a decade, we continue to facilitate business improvement across the KSA, UAE and across Middle East & other countries like India,   by helping our clients drive performance, manage risk and grow sustainably through the adoption of international management systems standards. Ours include 1000+ clients in many countries worldwide to help them adopt and cultivate the culture of continual improvement – is that something every one aspire…..

Join us for a career to explore an exciting opportunities worldwide

At ABS, We offer a challenging and rewarding professional workplace where you’ll have the chance to improve yourself and make a difference to life, we focus on finding the right person for the right job. In addition, we look at the needs of each individual, to help create the conditions that promotes innovation and maximize potential.

Beyond personal development we also encourage all our staff to engage with the business, and buy-in to their goals, ambitions and corporate values in a way that will inspire them to want to drive the business forward proactively and generate success.

To this end, we encourage our people to work across many different positions and management systems, geographies and cultures throughout their careers.

We are committed to bringing together individuals from different backgrounds, cultures and thinking styles to build a valuable resource of talent and perspectives, as well as life and career experiences.

Rewards and benefits

We offer an extensive and competitive total annual package including a minimum 30 days’ holiday, accommodation, transportation, private medical insurance and other exciting incentives, rewards

Job Opportunities:

Do you want to explore your full potential and skills? We are always looking for talented and enthusiastic individuals to join us. Find your next role at ABS and get started on the path toward achieving an excellent career….



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