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ISO 21001 Educational Organizations Management System

ISO 21001:2018 specifies requirements for a management system for educational organizations (EOMS) when such an organization:

  • Needs to demonstrate its ability to support the acquisition and development of competence through teaching, learning or research;
  • Aims to enhance satisfaction of learners, other beneficiaries and staff through the effective application of its EOMS, including processes for improvement of the system and assurance of conformity to the requirements of learners and other beneficiaries.
  • Poised to have a significant impact on critical elements of quality assurance in higher education

All requirements of ISO 21001:2018 are generic and intended to be applicable to any organization that uses a curriculum to support the development of competence through teaching, learning or research, regardless of the type, size or method of delivery and/or Educational organizations within larger organizations whose core business is not education, such as professional training departments and does not apply to organizations that only produce or manufacture educational products.

Benefits of the ISO 21001 EOMS Certification include:

  • ISO 21001 provides a framework the ensures that education providers are offering the highest quality instruction available to learners
  • Provide personalized training and effective response to all learners
  • It will empower you to deliver more effective and efficient educational services, offering a customized experience to every learner, while supporting people with special educational needs.
  • ISO 21001 helps educational organizations to ensure that learners receive the desired quality of education, while improving the learner’s productivity, safety and wellbeing.
  • A continual approach and process for demonstrating the efficiency and a tool to improve it.
  • Enhance competitiveness and credibility – by implementing an effective EOMS, which complements a learner-centric approach.
  • Sustainable growth – a powerful EOMS addresses the education sector’s key challenges, leaving you better positioned to appraise and realize new opportunities.
  • Enhance the reputation of your educational institution.
  • ISO 21001 Defines the organization policy that supports the educational organization’s mission and vision while defining the educational organization objectives at relevant functions, levels, and processes needed for the EOMS.
  • Identify requirements for the educational products and services including additional requirements for special needs education.



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