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ISO 30405 Human Resource Management System

Recruitment is the process of captivating, screening, and selecting potential and qualified candidates based on objective criteria for a job. The goal of this process is to attract the qualified applicants while discouraging unqualified individuals from applying for a position.  Employees are the heart of organization so one needs to be careful in selecting the employees who are integral to the company’s growth and success.

ISO 30405:2016 offers guidance on how individuals should be drawn, sourced, measured and hired. It reflects on core HR procedures and activities, including establishment of recruitment policy, the transition from sourcing of prospective hires to the boarding of new recruits, assessment and measurement. ISO 30405:2016 can be used by any organization regardless of its industry or size

The guidelines include

  • General Guidelines
  • Identify and/or confirm characteristics of the vacancy/opening
  • Create recruitment plan
  • Assessment of Internal talent pool and Assessment of External talent pool
  • Tools to assist in the recruitment workflow
  • Applicant pool assessment tools
  • Selection of Candidates for further assessment
  • Candidate management
  • Pre-boarding process and Boarding process
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement processes and tools

Benefits of implementing ISO 30405:

  • Smooth recruitment processes
  • Talented pool of employees
  • Ensurement of continued brand value of the company
  • Improved productivity of the company
  • Improved work culture
  • Cost savings in the recruitment cycle and also develops methods to reduce the costs associated with workplace management.
  • It determines whether employees are satisfied by designing employee surveys, overseeing focus groups and implementing an exit interview strategy to determine how the company can improve.
  • It deals with conflict resolution in the workplace.




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